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Comicreview: Sword of Sorcery Volume one; Christy Marx and Aaron Lopresti

Hey guys! Today you gonna read my first English review! I will start with a comic I bought in America. I beg you: don't kill me because of any grammar or spelling mistakes. However you can allways tell me my mistakes and heöp me to improve my English ^^

Basic information:

Title: The new 52: Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst
Author: Christy Marx
Drawer: Aaron Lopresti
Content: Sword of Sorcery volume one, Beowolf and Stalker
Pages: 328
Books: 1 (incomplete)
Publisher: DC Comics (2013)
Price: 24, 99$ (USA)
Alternative Covers:

The Story:

Amy's life is weird. She lives in a camper with her, also weird, mother and moves all the time. Instead of learnig normal things from her mother or playing tennis in a sports club her mother teaches her how to fight with a sword since she was able to walk.
When she asks her why she allways gets the same answer: It's important for you to know that when we return to our real home.
The real home? Well, yes. When Amy reaches the age of 17 they finally return - to Nilaa, a fantastic, magical kingdom in another dimension. Not enough: Amy's true name is Amaya, princess of house Amethyst and her mother's the former queen. However: Amys own aunt wants her death. When Amaya and her mther both are dead Mordriel will be the only holder of the amethyst blood power.
Also Amy get another problem: After she returns to earth by mistake she gets to know demon hunter John Constantine, who makes an old enemy return to Nilaa.
Foes have to become friends to defeat him.

The style of drawing:

Lopresti's style is supreme. I really got jealous by reading the comic - Why can't I draw like this?
All of the different types of surfaces are shown naturally and very realistic.
I especially like the special effects of metall and the differnt kinds of gems and the magical powers.

The characters:

The characters are all very plastic and lovely. I especially love how Amaya changes during the story, grows up but also has her issues with all the magic and her princess job.
I think most of the characters seem to be very human. They show the right and not overdosed emotions in the right moments.

The Storytelling:

I love open panels! And this comic has lots of them without overdosing.
What is also really remarkable are the good used perspectives and dynamic poses and actions in here. You really feel like being sucked into a movie.
I think the chapter covers sometimes seem to be a bit unnatural and confusing.

The Plot:

The story is fascinating and chains the reader onto the book! You can't get away. Although it sometimes has it's long and boring parts for example the episode in Chicago. I didn'T really understand why it was in there.
Seeing over some little weak parts Sword of Sorcery's story only hast its strenghts.


I just wanted to mention it: The comic includes some mini stories about Beowolf and Stalker - I didn't like them as the main story.
And - I love it - it contains some sketches for all of the covers and the characters. I love stuff like this because I think it's allways interesting to see, how the first sketches and the final page change - or don't change!

My conclusion:

All in all Sword of Sorcery ist a wonderfull, lovely fantasy comic! I wish there were more of them. I really enjoyed reading it!
Nobody will wonder that I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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